Few Words About Us

WAHID COMMUNICATIONS (PVT) LTD. deals in Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management with the brand name GLOBALEYE. GLOBALEYE use GPS, GSM/GPRS technologies 24 hours online tracking. GLOBALEYE is using 3G technology and best satellite surveillance for better tracking and security services. GLOBALEYE is not useful in only tracking vehicles but also for view security, Surveillance, Security of Fixed Assets like (Power Generation Plants, Machinery, Railway, Fleet Management, Container Monitoring and many other things. Our goal is to provide the low-cost solution to effectively manage your mobile assets using state of the art 3G technology. The driving forces behind this system and this market are two enabling technologies: GPS, GSM/GPRS.

GLOBALEYE develops web-based applications to give our vehicle tracking customers best facility and satisfaction about them and their vehicle security. GLOBALEYE provides you fast and efficient tracking and be in contact with your mobile assets. In addition to standard vehicle tracking solutions, GLOBALEYE is capable of developing products to suit your specific needs and demands. We understand custom packaging, unique communication needs and customer satisfaction and support. We provide GPRS tracking system based on GPS positioning technology using best satellite technology in the World. GPRS tracking means your vehicle is always online. GLOBALEYE can get every 5 seconds location of your vehicle.