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With the brickS of inveterate faith in ourselves was laid the foundation of of Wahid Communications Private Limited, and promising name in field of data communication and we have since then built a platform where a bright uture is churned out every moment we breathe. The Company was licensed with PTA. We are a multi-discipline engineering organization dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of hi-tec products and providing comprehensive solutions in many fields ranging from data communication, computers, electronics, software development and Industrial automation instrumentation and services.


Operational Features

In our Vehicle Tracking System, the vehicles are tracked through the GPS equipment installed in the vehicle and the positioning information is transmitted using the GSM network.Our Automated Vehicle Tracking System provides comprehensive Fleet Management
Features which includes the followings:

  • Round the clock vehicle controlling, tracking and monitoring
  • Communication through the established GSM network
  • Communication through SMS/GPRS
  • Hidden panic button alerts base station immediately for an emergency
  • Vehicle can be immobilized/disabled through the base station in case of theft/emergency
  • Input/Output connection possibilities for notifying door opening or other items From Which
  • Digital output can be obtained.
  • Digital output can be obtained.
  • Real time tracking allows the vehicle to be immobilized safely, while monitoring its exact
  • Location and Speed
  • Date and time stamped information
  • Tools to enhance and enrich maps
  • Programmable remote access
  • Measurement of average distance done by vehicle which will allow you to calculate fuel consumption.
  • GEO Fence is a virtual geographical area to make sure vehicles follow approved routes.
  • Over Speed Alert is given when you exceed the limit that has set.
  • Customers can monitor their vehicles through Self Track Software.
  • Customer application Web Track support the Map.
  • You can issue instructions to your driver as device supports the telephonic conversation.
  • With messege forwording you can get alerts at your mobile phone.
  • Also you can get the current location of you vehicle by sending a SMS.



Wahid Communications Private Limited is offering VEHICLE TRACKING FACILITY. For this purpose devices are imported fronm Taiwan. These devices are RoHS certified and till now the smalles and smartest devices in Pakistan.


The Vehicle Tracking System is highly dynamic and has witnessed high volume growth. It has emerged as an increasingly advantageous system. Our network of Vehicle Tracking has a comprehensive technical as well sales team which provides technical and network management services to its clients. Tracking Unit is installed at the client's vehicle and provides up to the minute information including location of vehicle.
It enables you to monitor, track and protect your mobile assets 24 hours a day. It is cost effective, flexible, reliable and functi1. The AVTS acts as your eye in the sky that allows you to monitor,control and track the locatis of all types of vehicles using GPS via SMS/GPRS. It will facilitate control of yourvehicle from a safe remote location. Control of vehicle includes locking, unlocking, ignition interrupt and anything that can be electronically controlled.


Our Strength

  • In-hour R & D Facilities
  • Customized Solutions
  • Customer Services Network
  • comprehensive Traning Programs
  • Highly Professional & Skilled Team
  • Wide Range of Products
  • After Sale Support Services
  • High Quality & Cost Effective Solutions

Support Tracking Device

  • -80mA~90mA Standby current
  • -100mA 120mA Operating (SMS)
  • -250mA 350mA Operating (Talk Time)
  • -100mA~ 150mA Operating (GPRS Online)


  • Battery standby time: 17 Hours(Apprx.)
  • Battery Charging time: 4 Hours (apprx.)



    • -E-GSM-900: (TX: 890Mhz-914.8Mhz,880.2 Mhz-889.8 Mhz);
    • (RX: 935 Mhz-959.8Mhz, 925.2 Mhz-934.8 Mhz)
    • DCS 1800: (TX: 1710.2 Mhz 1784.8 Mhz);
    • (RX: 1805.2 Mhz 1879.8 Mhz)
    • PCS 1900 (PCS Model Only !): (TX: 1850.2 Mhz 1909.8 Mhz):(RX: 1930.2 Mhz 1989.8 Mhz)


    • GSM-900: 2W peak RF power (+33dBm) on 50 Ohm.
    • DCS-1800: IW peak RF power (+30dBM) on 50 Ohm
    • PCS-1900: IW peak RF power (+30dBm) on 50 Ohm


    • GSM-900: Class 4, portable terminal better then-102 dBm


    • Monitoring of Vehicle and its activites
    • Potential discount from insurance companies
    • Bright chance of recovery in case of accident
    • Medical assistance in case of accident
    • Fule sving by route planning
    • Wide Range of Products
    • Increase your productivity, improve your efficincy

    Our Major Clients

    Power International

    Bilal Cotton Oil Mills.

    Kalwar Cargo.

    Umair Cargo.

    G Bissmillah Goods.

    Qazafi Transport.

    Habib Enterprises.

    Ismael Enterprises.

    Chishtian Goods.

    New Sunzar Khail Goods.

    Qadir and Brother Co.

    Agha Petroleum.

    Al-Madina Petroleum.

    Jugnoo Oil Traders.

    Khawaja Petroleum

    Hadi Foods.

    Razzaq Carriage.

    Al-Shameel Traders.

    Warraich Transport Company.

    Sartaj Petroleum.

    Abdullah Cotton Factory.

    Haider Petroleum.

    Al-Yousaf Petroleum.

    Paracha Petroleum.

    Sigma Cable (Pvt) Ltd.

    Samma Transport (Pvt) Ltd.

    Bismillah Cotton Industries.

    If we can imagine it, we can achive it. if we can dream it, we can deliver it.